Disparaging Remarks

I have been conducting a study, with the help of my associate Mr. Bowen, for the past few weeks that have led me to a profound conclusion– humans hate when someone yells ‘NO’ at them. Yelling and the word ‘NO’, while mutually exclusive actions, when tied together and thrown like a bomb at a person, produces adverse effects. Yelling ‘NO’ causes: fear, anger, resentment, violence and a loss of behavioral control in humans. This is not limited to any age, race or gender. It seems that the majority, about 78% of participants, exhibited physical manifestations of affects, that were resulted from negative emotional damage incurred.

OF NOTE: This study was conducted exclusively in the Sugarhouse and North Salt Lake areas. All persons were yelled at from a car, at various speeds, even stopped. Both driver and passenger of the car yelled at random individuals as they were walking on the sidewalk or road.

To produce the most effective negative results, yellers should slow their vehicle down, avoid making eye contact or suspicion of lewd activities until persons are within close proximity. Yellers should then pronounce the ‘NO’ word with a loudness equal to an 11. This yell should be somewhat abrupt, allowing the individual/s to be shocked and act surprised accordingly. Physical manifestations may include: yelping, flared hands, gasps, abrupt head movements, jumping, clasping of ones chest and/or mouth, raised eyebrows, or hand waving/shaking.

Extreme rudeness and violence was shown in just two cases of the fifty or more tests. These were not only insightful but comical.

One individual was tested as he was entering into his car. The test participant caught up to the administrators of the test at a stop sign, proceeded to approach the vehicle from the drivers side with his car. The testee yelled various obscenities at the driver. He then attempted to spit onto the drivers car, made an obscene gesture at the administrators, and then fled the scene, almost hitting a small child and mother.

CONCLUSION: The patient was showed violent and aggressive behavior, even losing control of his decision-making systems, resulting in him disobeying traffic laws and putting the lives of others in danger. He was effectively shocked. His emotional damage led him to disregarding human life in a few moments.

Another patient was tested as she was running through a cross walk. The driver surprised her with his yell. She was not initially surprised, but cognitive reasoning soon subsided as she turned towards the experimental vehicle. She came towards the hood of the car, slammed her closed fist into the hood of said car and asked, “What the hell is your problem?” She then approached the passenger’s window, as the driver was slowly idling forward, forcing her to move out of the way, and she asked, “Do you wanna go?” The driver drove away after the altercation.

CONCLUSION: Extreme violence was indicated. Patient showed threatening disposition. She was subject to a debased form of herself and deemed it necessary to combat administrators. She was effectively shocked. Emotional damages resulted in a lack of intelligence and primitave behavior.

Those willing to attempt to shock and disparage others by yelling ‘NO’ should be aware of the consequences. This damages people psychologically and may result in radical behavior. Testors should remain calm and cautious in the event of altercation.

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