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Something Interesting

I hate introducing myself. Whether it is in class, a group, a training session, church, or a new job, I hate it because the same question always comes up that stumps me (besides what are you going to do with your life) “Tell us something interesting about yourself.” What kind of loaded question is this? Now I have to impress you before we’ve even formally introduced ourselves and we aren’t holding Dixie cups at a party?

Let me give you a recent example… based on true events.

The intros are going around in a circle and everyone is new. The first kid starts, “My name is Robert. I am from Germany,” Already more interesting than me. “And I have been to every country in Europe.” Thanks Robert you have set the bar extremely high…. “My name is Chris and I am double majoring in economics and finance, and something interesting about me is that I play the accordion.” I can play the Mission Impossible hook on the piano with one hand… I need to think of something fast. Maybe they will come back to me if I pass? Who passes on this? Losers do. “Hi, I am Ashley. I go to school at the U. And something interesting about me is… I uh….Oh good, she is struggling too! Good. Please think of something so dull... every two years I cut all my hair off for locks of love. I’ve done it since I was eight. Are you freaking kidding me.

At this point I am racking my brain for anything. I peed my pants in second grade. The only high school prom I went to was with my sister. I do not mind eating onions whole. I suck at math, all of it. NO! NO! NO! It isn’t “tell me something weird and embarrassing about yourself.”

It is somehow my turn, just in the same way that 6 is after 5. “My name is David.” Hold on, you just started. I thought you were going to crawl under something…great… well don’t stop now. GO! Say something from that dumb mouth…“I am from a small town in Nevada….” Clap for the kid from Nevada everyone

“Yeah… I am Jeffery, I… I am from Nevada? That is what you spewed from your lips. Nice brain drain…. and I built my own car from junk yard parts. Turning my ears off now. Time to think of interesting things that you could lie about.

After I am home I think of several good answers. I have killed an aligator, I have chased wild cows, I fought as the main event for a school sponsored and organized fundraising boxing match, I have directed and starred in my own movie productions, my favorite food is home made soft tacos, my right ear is a half inch longer than my left ear, or even I have caught a seagull while wake-boarding.

Do not find yourself in a bind like mine. Think of things beforehand. Have a list in your mind.

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