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business casual

I got an internship. I am pretty excited about. I am not excited about the dress code – biz casual. Business clothes are a little uncomfortable, but it is not that I mind that. What I mind is my inability to buy a shirt that fits me. I have never had to buy my own dress shirts until a few years ago. I had plenty of hand-me-down white shirts, but I needed the business blues and stripes. I thought you just had to look at the neck size and that was it. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. So wrong.

NEWS FLASH: You have to consider the arm length as well. You know the apendages that are shooting out of the sides of your torso! My shirts would be a little snug before I would wash and dry them, but after I put them on after a dryer session, my only option was to roll them sleeves up. Idiot. Now, after help from Steve-O I know I wear a 16ish and 34/35. Thanks Steven.

I still do not own a credit card….

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