Random Thoughts

For some reason I am really tired tonight…. and I thought it would be a good idea to jot down some thoughts.

Political fanatics, on either side, bug me. It’s cool that you are passionate, but I seriously doubt politicians want to ruin America; espesically a Presidential canidate. Maybe I am niave.

I never thought the Lakers had a championship in the bag. Sports rarely go as they should. I guess most of the time they do (thinking of Yankees and Pats), but to think the Lakers gauranteed a championship for themselves by signing an old Steve Nash and bitchy Dwight Howard is silly wrong. They’ll be a fourth or fifth seed in the playoffs and probably lose in the second round.

Why would anyone hire Mike Brown? BAD CHOICE.

George Michaels can rock the hizzie.

Coke from a fountain is much better than a can. Without question. Depending on the fountain, it could be better than from glass.

Doing an internship without getting paid is sad.

This blog is a little sad.

NEVER download time consuming games on your smartphone, like: CLASH OF CLANS or POCKET PLANS.

IKEA has horrible employees.

I am terrible at fantasy sports. Does that mean I do not understand sports?

What are the best/coolest/funnest hobbies to have?

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  1. This blog is great! Except the part on coke. Definitely untouchable out of the glass and much better out of the can. However, it is good no matter how you have it.

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