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Free loaders

School is coming to an end. for some reason, I have two large group projects due this week. I have done my best to contribute and further my groups. It is a frustrating when people in your group just freeload. I hate it. Peer-reviews are good I guess, but I don’t feel justice in the freeloader getting a lower grade than me because they do not care. I want something more severe.

To improve the education system we should have a demerit system, which will begin as soon as the person enters high school. If the student fails to meet group expectations or take initiative to help, besides getting a poor grade, the student will receive a demerit. When you have accumulated enough demerits, say 5-8, you are subjected to public humiliation, which in itself is up to interpretation and could be interesting…. if they continue to underperform, reaching a level 10-15, the student will be exiled to a foreign country to work in a sweat shop. FOREVER.

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