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If you don’t know the story of Jack Dorsey, I suggest learning more about him. He is just as intriguing as Steve Jobs, Sean Parker, Mark Zuckerberg, or Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The dude has changed the way people communicate. The way we think, read, digest the news, keep in contact with others, and even the way money is handled (he is the founder of Square. He is kind of a big deal $$$).

In case you did not know, I love twitter. As a member of generation Y, I am all about instant feedback and gratification, and what better way to get that then from twitter. I fell in love with twitter when Laker, Metta World Peace finally replied to me, after a few months of my insistent requests to get a RT! That day changed my world. It was as if World Peace spoke to me face-to-face. Just baffling isn’t it? He responded to one of my tweets and they allow him to play professional basketball for a living.

Speaking of Lakers, Kobe Bryant finally got a twitter account. The account is verified and it is exactly what I thought it would be — all about him and depressing. He is only eight tweets in and it is barely more entertaining than Jimmer’s twitter (which is so so so awful). So far he has tweeted about how he doubts himself, a picture of his niece on her 14th b-day, and what he has had to do to get to where he is today, i.e. icing his feet, acupuncture, dieting, practice, blah, blah, blah. Kobe is not human. He lives only to play basketball. Why do I love him so much?

I do not think I will attempt to get a RT from Kobe, as he has more than 500 K followers, which would take a lot of effort and time to get noticed in a crowd that size, which is bound to get larger. He is also known to be less than eager to interact directly with his fans, especially the crazies (me).

Besides, twitter has taken on a new feel for me. Now that I know that everything I say or do on the internet can be found, it makes me less eager to be careless with my words — thus the black out with this blog. Speaking of, it was really depressing to see that only three people want to be apart of the in circle. It kind of felt like I was going to make an exclusive club, but not that many people wanted to join. Now I know what Reno Nevada must feel like. Damn you Vegas.

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