Happy Anniversary

I started this blog three years ago. WHAT A WASTE, right?

The first couple posts were deleted. They were a little too personal and sensitive to be floating around on the internet (so they are out there somewhere still…). I think there has been a transformation of the blog. I’ve tried a couple of different approaches to the posts, but I still haven’t figured out a winning sauce. I think my goal is to entertain. I hope that I have come close to that on occasion. But I also want to bring things to the forefront of the readers mind, that they may not have considered, or that they could shed some light on the subject.

This blog has been a great outlet for me. I enjoy writing and putting together posts. The most satisfaction is when my readers tell me how much they liked a certain post. Even if it is just my little brother calling me up and telling me how he laughed at my post about sweating.

Happy 3rd baby. I love you.

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