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Girlfriend = Good Lift @ Gym

I swore I would never work out with my girlfriend at the gym. I wouldn’t mind running next to her, but there was no way we were going to do heavy lifting together. I thought those dudes were lame – Hey babe, take that 25 off and put on two 45’s. Changing the weights every time? Seems more of a chore than a workout buddy. Plus, I don’t want to lift with a girl that can beat me out. Chauvinistic? Probably, but my pride is still intact.

My attitude has change because of this morning.

This morning was the first time I had ever gone to the gym with my girlfriend. I wasn’t hating the idea as I had originally thought I would. I kind of liked that she wanted to listen to me and work out. It could be fun. We would bond like dudes. Right?

I set it up so she would do a separate exercise than me, but I could spot her when I was resting.

I went hard. I was red faced. Veins popping in my head. I had to prove to my lady that I was a man. I AM A MAN DAMMIT! The caveman inside of me was raging. He needed to pound a sabertooth down with a giant club.

There were a few problems with me though: 1) I hadn’t worked out in about a week, which is an eternity. Honestly. 2) I hadn’t eaten anything.

We worked out for over an hour. It felt good, but then, after our last exercise, I felt sick. I went pale. My mouth was watering like a broken water spicket. I knew it was coming — stomach acid/water/bad taste/ruined-teeth solution. I haven’t thrown up while exercising since high school, (Thats over six years ago) so I was in shock.

Plus, I sound awful when I throw up, it’s really loud. It’s like a bowling ball being forced out of my face. I threw up three times. Thankfully, it was the half a cup ones…. Little teasers. So cute when they do that to me. Where you stomach just contracts tight and you want to die.

She made a believer outta me. If you are single, take a girl on your first date to a gym. You will crush it.   Girls are the ultimate benchmark and motivator.

2 thoughts on “Girlfriend = Good Lift @ Gym”

  1. There is some surprising data to back-up this date idea. When we engage in physically or mentally arousing activity (going to the gym, hiking, even complex puzzles) with another person we will often miss-associate the arousal from the activity to an emotional response to the person. Basically meaning that whatever we feel about the person will be heightened. So if you think the person is hot, they become really hot during the activity (this is one reason why affairs often happen in the work place). However, there is another side of the coin, if the person typically does not like you than this feeling will become even stronger (one reason perfectly level-headed grown men will get in a fist fight during a church basket ball game). Basically what I am saying is the activities that increase physical and mental arousal are great for couples, most of the time.

  2. Great comment bro. I remember you telling me this. I actually used it one time and took a girl on a hike for our first date. I hated her white shoes on that date. We didn't go out that long….

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