The Perfect Blog Post

The three highest viewed 5’10” posts are:
1) Was that a compliment?
2) Spitting Game
3) I love ethnic diversity

I have tried to figure out what is so great about these three posts. I mean, views and comments are the only real indicators I can grasp onto to say, “Yes, this was a good post.” Unfortunately  metrics/data, that’s how we measure traction and success.

The top three post are old. The top two were written in 2010, so that doesn’t really help. They vary in topic as well. I mean, compliments, dating and Asians? Not related. Wait… compliment to get more dates with Asians? I think I am on to something. You know what they say about ideas – they are a network. They take time to build and become something good. It’s taken me this LONG to figure that little nugget out. You are welcome. Go forth, compliment those Asian girls. Or boys.

Of the top ten most viewed posts are during the months from August to February, the rest of the year no one gives a crap, but the month October boast three. OCTOBER is key baby.

None of the posts are long, which I think is critical. My readers are kinda like me, a short attention span. Videos and pictures are good supplemental material, but they don’t drive the views. Songs? I have seen ZERO correlation.

I found that you have to write about a topic that relates to a lot of people, be interesting, have some humor, provide a resolution (even if I am blowing smoke), and be concise. There, the winning sauce.


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