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Three Sacred Cows…. Er FOUR now

Ever since you were little, you’ve been told some things that are not true. Here is a list. Hopefully it rocks your world.

1)Dinosaurs were dumb and had brains the size of peas. They are comparable in size to the EQ ratio (body size to brain size) that is found in reptiles today and it can be assumed they had similar intelligence. Their brain size was actually more like the size of a lime or walnut, which is small, but not that small.

2) You will need to know cursive.
It is being phased out of almost every school in America. Only three states require cursive to be taught. Most schools have replaced cursive with computer literacy… which seems to be a good move.

3) Math sucks.
It isn’t easy. I am by no means an expert, but it the single language that everyone knows. How does it hurt you to be good at math? I doesn’t. No, and NEVER. Want a high paying job and work for a huge company? Be really good at math.

4) Vikings had horns on their helmets. 
They never did. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Three Sacred Cows…. Er FOUR now”

  1. Why did you name it the three sacred cows? I hate cursive! For the GRE I had to write a paragraph about not cheating in cursive, it was the worst. I could hardly remember how to write that way. So stupid.

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