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Ute to Rebel

College basketball this year has never been full of so much parity. The game that I am looking forward to the is Ole Miss vs Wisconsin. The center of the intrigue comes from the leader of the Rebels team, the brash Junior, Marshall Henderson. He played for the University of Utah during the 09-10 season and saw plenty of minutes as a Freshman. He was infamous for his erratic and uncontrollable emotions, which led to him transferring away from the U.

Henderson’s basketball talents and emotions have grown to new heights under the Mississippi sun. He can score the rock, averaging just over 20 points a game, topping 25 point 10 times this season, and hit a high of 32 (which is a lot considering that his team averaged 78 points a game). The game is a show that is all about him, but he has delivered in critical moments

He is the antithesis to what traditional basketball is all about. When I watch him, it looks like a backyard game. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is all about fundamentals, a set offense, grinding defense, and TEAM. That’s Big Ten boring basketball and gets the job done. 
I expect a tight affair and hope that Henderson is able to hoist up another potential game winner.

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