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high five’s

I’ve started a bad habit, excessive high fives. I don’t know how or when I fell into this trap, but it has been hard to buck. It usually happens when I feel awkward. For example, when I don’t know when to hug someone, I raise my hand and nod to them, begging them to put me out of my misery. Ask  Burkalicious about high fives.

This past weekend, I was down in St. G. There was a little church gathering go on. I saw this kid give everyone he met a high five. Adults, his friends, men, girls, himself. He was beaming ear to ear. It was his moment, owning the group, making everyone feel better with those palm touches. Yeah! DAP me! DAP ME! 

Come on… who high fives a 45 year old woman? Up top sister! Down low, my 56 year senior, that I don’t have a real relationship with!

Alright, maybe I am too harsh, but I saw myself in this dude, and that did not sit right with me. No more. No. More.

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