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The DREADED group project

Do you remember the first day of school? Your teacher said something like this, “So, for 40% of your grade, we are going to a group paper and presentation. That will be due at mid April. Which is plenty of time for you to get it done.”

ACTUALLY, it is plenty of time to forget and procrastinate. Oh, and another thing, thanks for the group project, because nobody will take ownership – besides me, and even if they do help out, guess who is going to muck through all the crap to get it to sound cohesive – me. Thanks teach, nice work on being a total clown. I wanna grab your nose and make a ‘honk’ sound, but I can’t because of certain social boundaries. 
Needless to say, I have been put into another stellar group for a paper. I started on the paper about ten days before it was due. It is due this Thursday. Did I mention that it is worth 30% of our overall grade? So, we decided to break into into sections, which is fine if everyone owns up to it. 
Tonight I get this email: I have completed questions 3 & 4. 
What do you want, a hug, a toy? Good boy, you did something? WE DELEGATED THE WORK! This was the intent. 
Then I get this: I’m not going to get to my section until Thursday morning. 
So I wrote this email draft, which I won’t send: Great job team, way to do what is exactly expected of you. I am so unimpressed with your lack of initiative and conviction. I appreciate you waiting till the last minute to get this project done and then send out emails that seem to be asking for some approval. I don’t need you to check in with me. I need you to do the work. 
I am probably overreacting. 
Of significant note:, an agnostic pandora, has updated their cite… I don’t know how recently, but it has improved greatly. 

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