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Laker Turmoil

The past two years, the Lakers have been swept in the first round of the playoffs because they lack a second star. There hasn’t been a second star in LA since Shaq. Obvious right? Not only was he physically gifted, had a high basketball IQ, but most importantly, he had emotional intelligence (EQ).

Example: When did we know he and Kobe had problems? Not until the end, right when he was leaving. Sure you heard rumors, you saw some tussles here and there, but that is team stuff. You never really knew how bad it was until he left LA. He held his stuff together and let Kobe own the town and team. He wanted to be a sheriff some where else and for that, LA salutes him and retired his jersey. He was a team player and the game was bigger than him.

So what happens when you replace a star with a scab? The scab becomes a cancer and needs to be removed, before it infects the rest of your team. Intro cancer no.1, Andrew Glassman, who couldn’t hold it together fell apart under the pressure and was subsequently dealt to Philly. Then cancer no.2, Dwight Howard, can’t hold it together either. No EQ. No team. Cancer no.3, Mike Brown/D’antoni. Enough said. But just like a movie, the hero Kobe comes out and saves the day. Always. The unfortunate thing is that he will be gone soon.

So, Mitch Kupchak, don’t do the scab thing. LeBron 2014!!!!

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