All, I know, you’ve missed me terribly and I have been a bad boy for not posting. I’m sorry. I wanted to give you some vernacular tips when talking to someone from California. Yes, I got a lesson about it. So, you should too.

ALL Californians hate when you call California, Cali. I can appreciate that. I hate when people call Nevada, Nevuda.

People from Southern California are the trickiest. They hate when people call Southern California, So. Cal and Orange County cannot be referred to as OC…. Basically, don’t shorten any city or location. They think its dumb…. even though they came up with it??

Northern Californians also hate when you shorten cities names to just abbreviations. Like, San Francisco cannot be called SF or San Fran – it should be called by its complete name or just ‘The City’. 

I am sure there are more California etiquette I don’t know that locals hate. Whatever. Save me. Sorry I am not from here and love it.

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