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My battle with…..

I have had this problem — experts would call it a disease — for almost six years now. It has been a rocky road for me. The pain is sometimes more than I can bear. Often, I just can’t even think about it or try to repair the damage, or I will become fixated on it, which only makes it worse. I have some brief periods of remission, just long enough to realize the peace and enjoyment I could be having. Then, those moments are snatched away, as quickly as they were given. Not a lot of people come out and talk about this issue. Many are afraid of judgement and embarrassment, but one in five Americans suffer from this disease. As one of the many who battle this hardship daily, I want to tell my story about athlete’s foot.

Beginning of story: I got it somehow. I don’t know how, probably because of these factors:


There are several groups of people who are susceptible to developing athlete’s foot.

Those include:
  • Men
  • People who wear damp socks or tight-fitting shoes
  • Anyone who shares mats, rugs or bed linens
  • People who frequently use pools, saunas or locker rooms
  • People with weakened immune systems

Perfect, I am a everything on that list….. I don’t have a severe case, but it itches like CRAZZZY when I itch it.

Beginning of the middle: I bought fungal cream, every so often, but only would use it a couple times. Dumb right? Shoulda kept using it.

Middle: I tried peeing on my feet in the shower. Did nothing.
So why won’t tinkling on your tootsies help with athlete’s foot? First, there’s not enough urea in urine to do much good – typically only 2 to 2.5 percent. Second, urea per se isn’t what attacks the athlete’s foot fungus; it mainly helps antifungals work. Finally, unless you stopper the tub and let your feet soak, any contact you’d have in the shower would be brief. Again, chances are your quirky shower habits won’t hurt anything, your social life possibly excepted…”

Ending of middle: I wrote this post.

End: I will buy some medication tomorrow and use it daily until the disease goes away.

This is He-Man singing… It has nothing to do with my disease.

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