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what matters most

The other night or early morning, Liz’s car was ‘broken’ into. She left her car unlocked, she’s probably done it a thousands of times, but this time some jackass got her. Oops. I leave my car unlocked all the time, but who wants to get into a car that can’t roll up its windows all the way? I beg people to break in and steal my oversized lime green sunglasses, an old golf tee, and some bite-sized umbrellas. And unlike me, Liz has things people want. Her wallet, shoes, glasses (who steals prescription glasses?), cash, scriptures, journal, and stethoscope.

We didn’t realize it until about noon. She called me asking if I had seen her church bag and I hadn’t. She searched her house and then came over to my house. It was weird. I just felt like it would turn up, but it didn’t. She felt violated and angry. What surprised me is what she was most upset about, her scriptures and journal. I don’t know why it did, but of all the things that she really cared about was her scriptures that she’s had since she was eight. It was a good reminder of what is really important. Not the material things of the world.

However, we could’ve used the “Trunk Monkey

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