Giveaway Tuesday

Giveaway Tuesday was born out of concern and welfare for my friends, as I had been blessed by others. I grew up the fourth of five boys and throughout my lifetime I have had the blessing of receiving hand-me-downs. These clothes became the staple of my wardrobe, because I don’t have a sense of style. A dingle berry has more style than me.

Eventually, I had received enough clothes through family donations, gifts and on my own means that I had more than I needed. I cleaned out my closet one day, about 18 months ago, and had a bag ready to take to Deseret Industries when it hit me. I should give these clothes to people who I know. They will take care of them. And if they think they suck or don’t fit, I can give them to people I don’t know. It happened that day was a Tuesday. A fateful day. Also, Mowgli was wearing some items of my clothes a lot and I was tired of not having them in my closet, so this was a way he could win them too.¬†

I called on my roommates and rather than just dumping a bunch of clothes on their laps, I created a game. Each person had to guess what item I was giving away (this has since changed to trivia questions.) and the winner would get the option of accepting the item. It was a marvelous fusion of love, success, and semi-okay fashionable clothes. Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

We’ve rotated the hosting. See, the person who hosts generally gets to give their items away and ask the questions. We don’t do it every week. Sometimes we go a few weeks, but since its inception, we have upped the ante. Some real gems have been gotten and you feel good when you see someone wear a piece of clothing you liked and gave it away – because it either didn’t fit just right or you wanted to see someone else smile.

If you’re in the neighborhood on a Tuesday, come on in. One of the roommates will be hosting the party and there is at least one fantastic item on the block. Don’t worry, the leftovers all end up a DI.

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