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Wedding Plans Pt. I

I foresee a few of these posts upcoming. Just a fair warning.

Engagements are a bigger deal than I ever realized. I now know that there are few things in life (or at least in my short life) that is more important than that day. It has to be perfect. Bad lighting, forgetting to bring your dress shoes (but you didn’t… they were just kicking it in the back window of your car), a goofy smile, any one of those little missteps can spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R-O-U-S. Be focused. Be alert. Gotta be on your A game.

Liz has been planning this day for the past 176 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes and 8 seconds. She bought me three entirely new outfits. I was looking forward to sporting my new threads ASAP. *Reality Check* I wasn’t allowed to wear these clothes. They were stored away. Not allowed. Out of sight out of mind. Until two days before today. I got to try them on to make sure we looked okay.

I get it now. I probably would have split something on my pants, torn a sleeve, or something awful. Fair enough.

Then the day of came. We were on a tight schedule, mostly because of my lackadaisical attitude. I thought this would be a matter of showing up. False and incorrect assumption. I got a hair cut. Ate a sandwich in three seconds. Then I brushed my teeth with baking soda. Yeah, it was a chill afternoon.

Wait. I. Brushed. My. Teeth. With. Baking. Soda.

I dry heaved so badly that my belly crunched me down into a fetal position like a special move from WWE Wrestling.

It all went really well though. Liz did a marvelous job. We had matching colors. The weather held together and I only messed around in three pictures. Pretty damn good for a three hour session.

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