Common Q’s

What a whirlwind. It has been a busy couple of months. This blog has taken a back seat in my priority list. I also have not had access to Internet in my new house: White people problems. Anyway, I have set a goal to post at least once a week. This goal is mostly for me because it keeps the creative juices going.
There are questions in life that will be asked repetitively by multiple people. Some times strangers will ask you these questions. We are a curious species and like to know what others are up to. For example, If you break your arm, I can guarantee that you will be asked, “What happened to your arm?” or even better, “Did you break your arm?” Inevitably that question will be followed with, “How?” I promise you it will happen. You are just as guilty. You see a person on crutches and you HAVE to know what happened. After the boring story is over you may mention that you also broke your arm or were on crutches for a time. It was the worst! Not only are we curious, but also we NEED to relate to others; we want to find common ground.
There are many more times in your life where you will be asked the same questions or ask the same questions of others. Whether it is a first date, meeting a new acquaintance, meeting up with a long lost friend, being at family reunion, weddings, talking to your grandmother, etc. The common questions change as you move past different milestones and ages.

Rather than dreading it, embrace it. That’s my small little baby sized carrot of advice of the day. This probably doesn’t bother anyone else, but me. However, when I finally embraced it and anticipated those questions, I found that the conversations moved on much quicker.

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