Game of the Month

I’ve started a new positive game. Whenever I see someone wearing some kind of sports team apparel, that I know (which is 99% of them*), I pretend that I am a fan. I do this by myself so I don’t embrace my wife. Over the weekend I saw a Lady going into the Home Depot with a Broncos shirt on. I rose my hand in the air and said “Let’s get em this Sunday, HUH?!” She was taken aback, but responded, “Oh, yeah…” Confused I guess that some stranger would also root for a bionic man and midget slot receiver.
It’s great though. People love it when you are a fan of their team and you’re almost too excited. I got caught once with a Sonics fan. He was a little confused when I said, “How about the Sonics?” I rebounded (no pun intended or was it?) and with a double point and wink while saying, “Now the Thunder!”**
It is a real good game. I like doing it with Jazz fans… “We should totally dump Hayward!” or “Don’t you think Ty needs to figure out his rotation or what?”
*I don’t know soccer teams as well… or hockey

** This is not actually what happened. It happened in my brain while I was wearing a Sonics hat and a guy came up to me and asked me if I remembered the good ole days. To which I responded that I loved the Glove and Shawn Kemp – the only two Sonic players I know of.

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