I wish I hadn’t

In my short life I have been exposed to a number of exotic meals, whether by circumstance or choice. My sister reminded me of my appetite. Here are some highlights:

When I was a young lad, I was very hungry one day and I just had to eat something. I was in the mood for something round, like an apple. I found an onion instead. That began my days of eating whole raw onions.

My granddad and Dad love dipping bread in their milk – French bread preferably. It is pretty amazing.

When I was in High School I went with my Dad to a ranch in Northern Nevada. It was a long day of moving cattle. We were there for the weekend and we were staying with the ranch owner. We retired to his house at the end of the night. He offered us a “cookie,” after dinner. I gladly accepted. My Dad must’ve been known better and declined. He came back to the dinner table with a banana and some mayonnaise. This was his “cookie” and to avoid offense, I ate a textured mixture of awfulness.

On my mission I was a cheap son of gun. I hated spending money. So, I would eat cans of tuna and corn mixed together with Italian dressing on top. I’m gagging just thinking about it, but I ate it a lot.

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