Working Stiff

I think I am losing my sense of humor. It must happen when you start working at a place that is serious in nature (we say phrases like: ‘please advise’ or ‘see below’) and you don’t have as much time to surf the internet or really follow what’s trending in comedy (although I did see the Zack Galfinakas interview with Obama. That was funny. I am a big fan of that show). So, I am boring and I have no jokes I can pass around and pretend that I came up with those clever ideas. 

Being a working adult is weird. It just happens all of the sudden and your outlook on life – your priorities – change. The other day I was planning out a budget with my wife in the car. Planning and budget wasn’t on my mind, let alone in my vocabulary just a few months ago.  
I miss the pointless weekdays. The days where you didn’t have anything planned and you didn’t have to. I miss being able to stay up late because you could. I appreciate the weekends so much more now. I crave them, like illegal narcotics; and they disappear just like illegal narcotics – quickly. 
I have been lucky to have a wonderful wife help me along into this transition to adulthood. She wakes up with me in the early morning and makes me breakfast. I am very lucky to have such a selfless soul. 
People want to grow up so fast. We look down on those who don’t have lofty goals. We see ambition as a virtue and dragging your feet to tax paying adulthood a sin. While I do not find myself in the corner of those who delay become a “well-adjusted adult”, I can certainly sympathize. That life was simpler. That isn’t to say that life has become more difficult, but it has become more complex. However, it has certainly become more rewarding.
I may be glancing in the review mirror, not in envy, but rather in gratitude and prespective, that that time has passed and the horizon is up ahead. 

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