Rules of eating

My posts have been weak recently. Deal with it. My mind feels like mush and I haven’t had anything that funny happen to me.

Recently I went to a buffet style sushi place. I broke some of the rules listed below, but it inspired this post. Here are some rules of eating that have never led me astray. Unless otherwise stated, these rules or more like laws.

1) Wash your hands before eating
       – got the runs? Most time its from your dirty hands, so take that out of the equation. WASH.
2) Check out the bathroom
      – I use this rule for buffets, mostly. But if the place seems a little sketchy, check out the water closet. My dad would always tell me to vacuum the corners because everyone can clean the middle of the room. The true test of cleanliness is the corners.
      – I have only done this once, but I think its a good idea.
3) Don’t let it become a chore
      – When eating starts to suck, you now suck. You made a great activity crappy. Don’t do it.
4) Try something new.
      – I am so crazy and exciting that this is where I really go above and beyond. “I’ll take the country fried steak, please.”
5) Did I mention washing your hands?
6) Do not get hangry. Choose a place quickly and get seated.
      – you will make a big mistake if you do not.
7) Don’t go alone.
8) Be nice to the server.

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