I own a honda civic

Does the above title define who I am? Do my car convey a message of my identity? Will I always get 30 MPG on my Civic? Is high milage oil worth the price? Should I just change the oil myself? What will I do with the old oil? Am I getting ripped off at the Jiffy Lube? I am, aren’t I?

These are questions I search to answer every time I go to open the broken driver door handle on my 2000 Honda Civic. And yes, I ask them in that order, just as you read them. The answers vary somewhat, but I think I deserve the car I drive. The windows don’t roll down, easily. The AC doesn’t work. It isn’t roomy. It’s silver. There are a few bumps and bruises on the exterior. The Civic and I are a lot a like.

Would I rather be driving a Maserati? Sure. I would also like to have a rock sold six pack that has baby seal oil fresh oil rubbed on it daily, but that ain’t happening. Seal oil is incredibly expensive and unethically produced! Its just not me.

I still own a ballin’ 2000 Civic, but I purchased a new car. Part of my identity died. Sad. 🙁

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