Equality for women

No argument here. I am all about equality. Now, don’t mistake equality for disrespect. I am not saying we should be rude or inconsiderate to women. However, there needs to be lines drawn for chivalry, as it is dependent on the situation.

For instance, in a relationship. The man is supposed to be the planner, take the lead, be the first one to ask for forgiveness, be the big spoon. Let me tell you a little secret, being the small spoon is nice – it feels good. Maybe your thing isn’t being the small spoon, but there are some things were she can play the man’s role… and you…. well, you can be the woman. Let her buy you some shoes or something. You get my drift.

Another example, the workplace. Women make great leaders. The are every bit as competent as men or just as stupid, but there seems to be a social norm to treat them different. You still open doors for them, give up your seat for them, the gentlemen stuff, but maybe they don’t want that to happen. They want to be viewed as equals. How can that happen if expectations are different. And maybe you shouldn’t treat them different. A glass ceiling exists because we continue to perpetuate practices that are not aligned with progressive thinking. I don’t care if a woman wears pants, but I do start to care if she is treated differently than me. If she is late to a meeting, I shouldn’t have to give up my chair.

Finally, women are better (most of the time) people than men (again, not all of the time). They are compassionate, kind, dedicated, thoughtful, forward thinking — just more humane than us, guys. While this doesn’t make them right all of the time, it usually makes them better. So treating them as equals is awesome. It puts them on the same plane as us, making it attainable. How much more plausible is it to become better if the people that are better are on your level!!!

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