the greatest game show

I’ve had to assemble a few things over the past few months. It can be frustrating. Sometimes you don’t have all the parts or the correct tools. It is usually late at night, so you’ve already had a long day. And there anyways seems to be that one part that just won’t fit correctly. I smell a premise for a game show.

ASSEMBLE: How fast are you? 

The game is a simple idea – You give a group of people something to assemble, hopefully something they have never assembled before. It could be simple to complex. Either way, it could maybe potentially be good TV. There are worse shows. I would love to see a group (I would probably never watch this show) arguing over how to assemble a bed frame or a small catapult. They could race to completion or whoever completes the most in an a given time constraint.

Or you could have professional assemblers race. That would be awesome (would it?)…. FIX IT FELIX!

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