What do you love most about the United States of America?

I love that the majority of Americans think they belong to the greatest country ever and it will be forever. I love that we have absolutely bought in to the hype. I love that our go to chant when-we-don’t-know-what-else-to-say is: U-S-A! I love that we are so brash and cocky. I love that we think we are smarter and better than the rest of the world. I love that we think we can kick everyone else’s butt.

Even if that is all true, I think it is all hilarious, because I think it makes us short sighted, weak, ignorant, and shows a lack of perspective. 
I wonder how many people that claim to love the 4th of July actually know what they are celebrating or are a registered voter? (Full disclaimer, I am not a registered voter, so I am actually lecturing myself here. I have however, mailed in my registration.) I wonder how many people have been outside of this country or have seen real poverty? I wonder how many have thought about what life is like in someone else’s shoes? I wonder if they think this world is just theirs and everyone else is just in it?
Look, I have done nothing to deserve to be a citizen of this country. I was born here. My forefathers made the sacrifices for me to sit on my couch, watch Netflix, and complain about the government without doing a thing. 
This is a great country. We do a lot of things right, but we have a lot to learn. Globalization has shown us that our neighbors have much to offer, not only in business, but thought and culture. I am all about competition and getting and staying ahead, but there is a danger thinking no one will catch you or be just as competitive. 
I think we can be gracious and humble in our attitude. 
If you were born in this country, be appreciative that you didn’t have kill for freedoms (unless you are a veteran. And if you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that I am safe), or swim across an ocean and fight to gain citizenship; you just get to enjoy it all, without paying a price. You have a chance to do whatever you want. That is awesome. You have a voice. You can move about freely. You have wifi. You have first world problems, but realize that there is a world out there where people don’t live the same as you. They don’t have what you have. 
You are so damn lucky. Remember that. 
What do you love most about the United States of America?

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