Humans: Complainers

I just spent two weeks in NYC and all I can talk about is how I would never want to live there. While I may have some valid arguments (dirty, cramped, everything is a chore, busy, crowded, hot, expensive, etc. I could go on, and on) this is supposed to be one of the greatest cities on earth and all I can do is whine about it. How can that be?

How terrible would it be if it met my expectations and was amazing? That would just be awful. What would I have to talk about with my friends? It seems like it just so much easier to talk about the negative.

I don’t know when we, as humans, have become critics of everything, but we have to find something bad about whatever thing we are doing, whatever thing we just bought, whoever we just met, etc. It is kind of sad, I mean, I’ve set myself to never really enjoy simple things to the full extent. I’m not getting paid to harp and hate on the restaurant I just ate at (although if you leave enough quality reviews on yelp you can get incentives), I’m not getting a pat on my back for dogging on the new planet of the apes movie, and I’m not leveling up for saying that NYC is overrated.

I’ve been trying to be better at not complaining. In retrospective, NYC is amazing. The buildings. The amount of people. The history. Once you step back its much easier to see how significant that city is.

Life isn’t a rehearsal dinner; you get one shot at it and I want to be unhappy as least as possible. I can control my perspective.

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