A men’s haircut

You know what is a skill that is undervalued? Knowing how to tell your barber specifically how you want your hair cut. Not just the usual, “I want it shorter on the sides and shorter on the top,” hoping that it turns out all right. I put so much faith in the hands of stranger by being so ambiguous. It is just pure dangerous!

So just before my last haircut I made a conscious reminder to myself that I needed to be specific. I googled, “mens haircuts balding,” and got some ideas. I had this one picture that I was like, this is it! I’m going to look awesome.

I sit down. And then he asks me the most feared question: How would you like me to cut your hair?

To which I replied, “Can you make it shorter? And I kind of do this fohawk-combover to the side.”

Can he make it shorter? He better! He is getting paid to CUT hair. HE DOES NOT ADD HAIR!

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