missed calls

Missed Call: Father Hart

Names have been changed. My thoughts in italics

June 16, 2014 12:47PM

“Yes, Father Hart, this is Braxon Miller with LaPloma (I think that is what he said) Funeral Services. I’m sitting with the Peter King family and they were ask, wondering (he’s not sure) if you would do mass (but I swear it sounds like meth. I seriously listened to this part at least 10 times) and it sounded like you discussed it with them; needed me to call you. We’re looking for Thursday at 2:00 O’clock in the afternoon (Oh, right. Thanks for the clarification. I usually do funerals in the wee hours of the morning) at the Little Flower Church, on Plumb ave (there is no Plumb ave). Kietzkie n Plumb. If you could call me back, 555-555-5555 to confirm you can do it or not, I appreciate it (What did you do when he never called back….). Again, its for 2:00 O’clock on Thursday at the Little Flower Church. Thank you, Father. Bye. (Okay, Bye. Won’t be there)

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