missed calls

Missed Call: Funeral

Names have been changed. My thoughts are in italics.

June 13, 2014 5:44PM

(inhale) um, yeah, Father Art (Father Art gave you the wrong number…), this is Bob Costas calling. Um, I’m the guy who spoke to you this morning about Peter Jennings, who passed away, and um, the family is is is willing to wait and stay in town, um, until next week so that, um, so that we could get you to do the mass, ee-um, and and do it on one of your days off (I see why Father Art lied to you about his number). (exhale) Uh-um, We haven’t…. picked a mortuary yet. I’ve spoken with several and there not gunna start the process until Monday. Umm, anyway, I had two questions, if if we do a mass… the, can we do it without actually having Pete’s remains, his ashes present? Or is that a requirement that the remains be present (yeah…… not going to call you back)? Number one. Uhm, and number two, I know I asked you this morning, but um, I was wondering if if you (some kind of robot/person coughs in the background) you could refer me to a couple of, um, small churches (teeny tiny ones) so I could start calling churches, to find one that, um, a Catholic church that we can do a mass out of (small Catholic one, got it). Um…My number is 555-555-5555. And I hope to talk to you… sometime over the weekend. Um..I hope your day went well (Thanks?). I will talk to you later on. God Bless. Bye.

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