failed prank but worthy social experiment

for our church christmas party, i was asked to dress up like the train conductor from the book, now movie, polar express. i should state that the christmas party was also themed after the said book/movie, else it would be odd for me to dress as a train conductor for an ecclesiastical gathering. part of my necessary costume attire was a pair of glasses. as i was without glasses, we had to purchase some.

i got some the glasses the day of the party, which was a weekday, in the late afternoon. as i still had to complete my workday, i decided to wear them for the remaining hours as a gag or joke. i was surprised by the reaction and comments i received from co-workers.

“Nice glasses, Harry Potter.”

“Oh really, inspector.”

“What’s that, poindexter?

“This is a joke, right?”

“Where is Waldo?”

i will admit that the glasses did look out of place. i was committed, however, to the convincing of my colleagues that these glasses were indeed prescribed to me by a legitimate physician. i maintained that they were in fact genuine and were corrective lenses for astigmatism. while few actually believed me, i was pleasantly satisfied when i told them that i would be wearing them for an extended period of time that they were taken aback by their initial inconsiderate but jovially response upon seeing me.

as the day progressed the state of my eyes digressed. despite the spectacles not containing a true corrective lens they took an affect on my eyes. my eyes became itchy with redness. i was welling up with tears. despite the discomfort i trudged on for a good laugh.

i let a few people in on the secret and we had a good laugh at it all. i don’t know if i had them all, but it was insightful to see their unmasked response and then regret. i excuse them from any offense, for none was taken or warranted.

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