just donated to my school

they wore me down. they get these kids to call you every few weeks and its always after work. its the same script over and over.

“(Insert a salutation), I’m _____ calling from the University of Utah. Is this _____?” Yes…? “Great! Just need to confirm if you are still receiving mail at (the address I am currently sitting in and wish to be enjoying).” Yes…? “Awesome (or Cool/Fantastic/Super/Etc.), and you email is _____?” Yes… it is in fact the embarrassing one I made 5+ years ago. Judge me. Let continue… ” I am Freshman at the University of Utah and saw that you studied _____. Why did you choose (The U of U or my major, this is where they try to build rapport with you. It never works – because they don’t give a damn.) “What advice do you have for me?” I laughed out loud at that one.

i was a total jerk the first time. right when he asked me about my major i asked him what this call was about, are you asking for money? i put him in a bad spot. he didn’t know what to do. “Yes, we are seeking donations.” i gave it to him straight and saved him some time, but it probably put him in a bad mood.

problem is that i’m a total pushover and the longer you stay on the phone the harder it is to say no. sucks. i could be sold by any ametuer summer sales guy in the neighborhood.

the next guy, Alex (he gave me his last name, but i couldn’t find him on the school directory, so i could have been swindled by some stranger) gave me the same spiel as mentioned above. i couldn’t end the call for some reason. felt bad… bad that he sounded like a robot as he read a script. he gave me some kind of stat about only 20% of college is paid for from the school. i was like…. yeah. gave him some lame excuse about bills. and surprisingly he had a response.

i tried to make it enjoyable, even made fun of him, try to be personable… he didn’t crack from his robot self. i gave him my credit card number and paid $25. and it sucked. i didn’t even feel happy about it. felt forced. i didn’t even say goodbye. and i hope i never hear or see him again. but they are going to call me again. they will continue to send me mail and call me. over and over. pestering me. telling me stories about study abroad programs, buildings constructed on campus, and will plead with me (from a terrible script) how much they need it.

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