Wanna get paid? Make a statement

I bet you’ve heard of Richard Sherman or Marshawn Lynch. I bet if you polled people that didn’t really follow football, they would have heard of one of them. I’ve heard people that know nothing about football say that they hate Richard Sherman. “He’s obnoxious. He is so loud! I hate cocky people.” Richard Sherman calling out Michael Crabtree and the 49ers at the end of the NFC Divisional championship a year ago was the smartest career move he could have made. The same can be said of Marshawn Lynch’s refusal to say anything outside of a few words to media. He is interesting to the public.

Controversial sports stars stick out. In a world dominated by clean cut QB’s, how else are you going to get noticed? Along with the ribbing on ESPN, angered fans, memes, and parodies, endorsements have followed both of these stars (just to a name a few: Nike, neff, Oberto, Skittles, Beats, Progressive).

Marshawn vs other popular/good RBs – Search terms Results:


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Sherman vs other popular/good DBs – Search terms Results:


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