missed calls

Missed Call: Car Salesman

This guy sounded like: 1) he was eating something just before getting on the call and wanted to sink his teeth into another special treat 2) a total sweat bag

April 2, 2015 11:13 AM

Yeah, this message is for Mary. Mary, this is Jeff, down at Tacoma City Toyota. (Exhales… way too long). Reason for my call is Im just trying to be helpful. I know you’re interested in looking a little further at that Jeep. And I was just seeing if I could be of some help. Sooo (chewing his curd or some sort of smacking of the mouth – really ugly stuff) the number down here (chewing curd) xxx-xxx-xxx and ask for the sales manager Jeff. I would love to be of some help. Thanks (in a really gross sarcastic way).

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