crazy people

Your local watchman

Your Kenneth Kole Reaction watch is missing a reactor,” he paused, waiting for me to appreciate his pun. “Oh, yeah! Very good,” I said. “I’m here alone a lot. My mind is always going. I don’t know if it shuts off,” he said. 
He had long gray hair, almost to his shoulders. He was a taller fellow, maybe 6’2″, with a medium build. He had spectacles hanging from his neck. If we were to ballpark his age he would be in his 50’s.

His shop lacked any real quality inventory. The location of his shop may have led to this – between a laundry mat and a internet/communications store, just off a very busy street. I had seen the sign for his store before. Bright yellow lettering on black sign. But google led me to him. It was the closest in proximity. 
I had needed to fix two of my watches. One didn’t have a battery, the Kole, and the other lacking a pin. I waiting for maybe 10-15 minutes while he fixed them. 
It was time to pay. “That’ll be $20 plus tax for the battery and the pin for the band, unless you have cash and then I’ll just call it $20.”
I told him I only had credit and handed him my card and then… the craziness came out. 
Ah, Chase Sapphire card. They lied to you. It’s plastic. You know, I have a problem with those TSA workers,” I stare blankly back. “They are more worried about fingernail clippers than sharpened credit cards (this was also something that I didn’t know I should be worried about). You could sharpen one of these (he then takes my credit to his neck and makes a slicing motion… a disturbing image races across my mind) and do some damage. I took an old one once and sharpened it,” but he doesn’t finish his story, which concerns me. 
He is looking me in the eyes the entire time. All I can say is, “Geez.” 
They are making cards out of aluminum now! I mean…. Anyway. But they couldn’t stop someone then, you could sharpen your wristwatch band as well… People say to me, ‘Boy, I’m glad you’re not a terrorist’. Me too! That would be problematic for both parties.” 
I laugh nervously and agree that I am glad he is not a terrorist. 
“Would you like a copy of your receipt?”

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