To my daughter

I have never loved someone instantly before seeing you. I became the cliche dad in about two seconds. I couldn’t quit taking pictures of you. I giggled with glee at even the slightest movements you made. You were born perfect to me. I felt so lucky to have you.

I must admit, as perfect you are, your parents are not. Okay, mostly your dad is not. Your mother is pretty close, but she has a few minor imperfections…. that I don’t need to point out. And since we aren’t pointing her flaws out we will skip the laundry list of mine. Don’t let this discourage you. Our parents weren’t perfect either and we made it. At least to this point. 
I have asked you, but you have yet to respond, “What type of person will you be? Who will you become?” I know that I have a significant role in shaping you, but you have a choice in the matter as well. You can choose to become whatever you want to be and this is what has me so excited. You have unlimited potential to become something great. 
The greatest accomplishments I have to my name is winning a pinewood derby at 13 and not having a cavity (so far). That doesn’t have to be you though! You can be a Marie Curie and make fantastic discoveries and contribute to the sciences. You can play a pivotal role in fighting for civil liberties and humanity, just like Rosa Parks. You can be as compassionate as Mother Teresa and be a symbol of love for the world. 
The beautiful thing is that while I feel that you are capable of becoming just like any of the women listed above (which is pretty bold statement as we’ve actually never spoken) you don’t have to be! I will love you no matter what. The most I can ask of you is to be like your mom, which is a taller task than the other women listed. 
Most of all, I want you to be happy and be at peace. I love you. Remember that. Always. 

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