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Buying Furniture

Phase I: Ideas

Excessive use of Pintrest, watching HGTV, and following bloggers. This is where the idea of what you want in your home will come from. This phase can last for months or even years and can overlap the other phases of buying. 
Phase II: Hunting
The internet promises cheap prices for just what you want, however, you must “showroom” shop. Once you see the actual product, you realize the quality is sub par. This is a frustrating phase as you thought you knew what you wanted is not easily found. 
Phase III: Reality 
There is a limit on a resource required to get that perfect home you wanted – it’s called money. Its a tough pill to sallow. 
Phase IV: Anger 
Why the heck is furniture so expensive! 
Phase V: Quitting
You’ll give into to buying something you actually don’t like, but is cheaper, or do just the opposite. 

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