The Mom Cut

First, I have to say that being a mother is one of the most difficult (if not the most) and important “jobs” a woman can have. Time and freedom is no longer theirs. It is extremely demanding. I am grateful to have great mothers in my life that have influenced my life for the better. 
Remember Mother’s Day is May 8. 
Now, to even more pressing matters — The Mom Haircut. 
The above image is the quintessential mom cut. I’m not the authority on this, google search is, as this is the first image you will see if you google search “mom haircut”. In fact, this woman is the first FOUR images you will see (see below). She is followed by Sandra Bullock… Ouch. 
Who is this woman? This is Kate Gosselin, a reality TV star, who is infamous for her terrible haircut, “The Kate”. Hair salons quit charging women for this hair style as wearing it was a high enough price…
I don’t want to attack the cut (although I just did and I am going to), but I do want to call attention to what it is and what it isn’t.
It doesn’t have to define a woman.. although if she gets “The Kate” we could judge her choice making decision. 
It is just a haircut and hair grows back… this doesn’t have to be a permanent mistake.
It actually doesn’t save time…. the only hairstyle that saves time is a shaved head or not doing it.
No one is perfect. 

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