Kobe’s final minutes

I’ve watched this several times and there are a few things that stuck out to me. 
1) Kobe understood his role as an entertainer. Pro athletes are just that. We pay to watch them entertain us. His panting and sucking for air was all for show, but more power to him as he led his team to a victory. His wife understands it to. She knows how to act as the cameras are on her. 
2) He took 50 or so shots that game. FIFTY. None of that matters. We only remember the big ones made. 
3) The Jazz were actually playing decent defense.
4) The refs swallowed their whistles. I saw a definite travel and an illegal screen. 
5) Truly a storybook individual statistical ending. The Lakers were horrific all year. And a fitting way for him to end his career – getting his. 

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