Paradigms and Realities

πŸ‘¨”He may be a waste of talent… That is the first time I said that.”

πŸ‘·“What?! He is the greatest player on the planet!”

πŸ‘¨”What do you mean greatest? That could mean a lot of things… best statistically? That’s James Harden. Most valuable player? That’s..”

πŸ‘·“That you would choose him to start your team with. That he is the best player on the court. Defensively, he can shut you down. Offensively you can’t stop him! His ability to go to the hoop…”

πŸ‘¨”He can’t shoot! I’ve seen him make some athletic moves towards the rim.”

πŸ‘·“Who cares if he “can’t shoot”. He gets to the hoop at will or gets fouled; play to your strength… And ‘some athletic moves’?! Are you kidding me?! Where have you been?”


πŸ‘Ί Have you ever been in a conversation where you and the other individual are like two ships passing each other in the night? It can be challenging to find a middle ground. To find something that you can agree on. Let’s start with the below video. Does LeBron make athletic moves at the rim?

πŸ‘Ί Yes, he does make athletic moves to the rim. Yes, he does with out a doubt and has been for a very long time. The man fell out of bed and was able to spring off the basketball floor like he was on a trampoline. Suddenly, we can disregard frivolous comments, like “waste of talent” or “some”. The viewer and average basketball fan cannot say that LeBron James is a waste. That is both an abomination and a lie. A waste of talent would be the guy who had all the talent and then… wasted it…See how valuable it is to have this common understanding that LeBron is extremely athletic. Now how do we move forward here? We really can go anywhere now. The world of discussion is opened to us.

See, previously, πŸ‘¨ reality was at best faulty. It was incorrect. He was ignorant of facts. True undeniable facts. I have found that ones reality and paradigm, the “facts” that they pay attention to, are valued above universal truths. Take politics for example. A lot of people disliked Obama when he was President and a lot of people dislike President Trump. You can argue with either side until you are blue in the face, but I think it can be a lot more productive if facts are agreed upon. Let’s look at two simple facts, that if accepted, could lead to a productive discussion.

Obama was born in US.
Trump boasted that he was able to sexually assault women.

However, there are people who exist that do not believe in these truths, these facts. They believe in alternative truths and realities. They perhaps believe that LeBron James is somewhat athletic. They probably believe that Trump is not a douche bag. I would argue (a linear argument) that if you can’t accept that LeBron is athletic, it’s pretty hard to have a discussion on who is the greatest current NBA player. Same goes for politics. If you don’t think Trump is a douche bag, it’s pretty hard to have a discussion on why his leadership style is terrible.

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