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Why people hate the Warriors

I will try to not be as long winded here as I was on the LBJ post.

You were never a fan of Golden State. 
When I used to think about the Golden State Warriors nothing would register in my brain. I never thought about them. Then, I would think harder and come up with Baron Davis (2007) and Chris Mullen (1990s). That is it. That was all I knew about them. Overnight it seemed Golden State became really, really good. With that came the sudden, “Oh, I have always been a fan of Golden State.” No, no you weren’t. I bet you were a huge fan of Bryan Cranston before Breaking Bad! Loved him in Malcom in the Middle.

No one like a bandwagoner.

Draymond Green. 

Steph Curry.

I mean…… yeah……
Sweet guy, right?
But the running down the court….
The crappy shoes….
Chewing on his mouthguard…..
His… Why do people hate this guy?

He is like, 134 lbs in wet clothes.

Kevin Durant.

His move from OKC to GS was a bitch move. Total bitch move. I can’t even slice it in any other way. Shows a lack of courage. A lack of competitiveness. A cowards way out. Et tu, Brute?

How do you do that? Join the enemy. Piss poor man. You could have had something in OKC with Westbrook! You had something! So, SO, SOOOOO close. Bitch move.

2 thoughts on “Why people hate the Warriors”

  1. This one thing that I find very interesting. LeBron joining two other superstars is validated but KD doing essentially the same thing gets eviscerated. In principle, it's the same thing. While some of the circumstances were different, essentially both guys knew they couldn't win a championship where they were and decided to go to a team where they could. But one is now looked at as ok, but the other is a “bitch move”. It's interesting.

  2. Who were the Heat before LeBron joined them? They hadn't bounced Cleveland. KD joined the enemy. Thats like switching teams mid stream! Feels like he cheated them… a traitor.

    Also, LBJ set it up! Now, with that same LBJ taste in our mouth, KD doubled down.

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