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Spelling. It is tuff

Last night I saw this map on Twitter and my head almost exploded. I was late to the party, so a lot of what I am going to point out was already stated.

First off, if you are going to point out incorrect spelling and errors, you need to make sure your graphic is bullet proof. There are some errors on this graphic. Here are a couple: (1) Colorado and Arizona have the same word but different coloring. I guess each state counts differently. (2) Nintey? Really?

How glorious! Calling out others and then in turn getting it wrong! That is my LIFE!

What does this map say about each state? Or even our nation?! On one hand it seems very positive: Four states are curious how to spell beautiful, three are praising the Lord or clarifying a heavenly being…. while six are worried about sickness (pneumonia, diarrhea, and disease) and Arizona and Colorado cannot wait to move on – DONE WITH TODAY!
New Mexico is still wondering how to get their hands on an elusive banana.
BUT Wisconsin. C’mon man. 
Rhode Island… geez. Be more like Lousiana and learn about African animal… 
Then Connecticut and West Virginia are trying to spell made up words. 

Tip of the cap to South Dakota. You’ll earn that degree!

Ahhh… its funner in my mind I guess.

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