The comment section

My brother wrote a good article on a drug dealer out of Utah. I didn’t spice it up for you there, but it is a fascinating story about a man who had troubles all throughout his youth, seemed to turn a corner, was good looking, young, etc. to getting a pill press, ordering drugs from China and selling them over the darknet. There… I feel that I did better. Side note – how often do you read the entire article anymore. Social media is ruining my brain.

After reading the story I thought, “I wonder what the comment section says.” I have looked before on my brothers stories. He wrote one about a ranch for troubled teens once and the comment section was filled with anger. (Check out all his other stories at So, I was kind of expecting the same thing…. and it was. Anger… or at least contempt. Check out the comments about the earlier story on Reddit.

I mean, check out the comments from now on. Its amazing (1) that people took the time to WRITE what they think and (2) they had to create a profile or something to do that! What is even more hilarious to me is when they get in arguments with each other. It can get real nasty, real quick.

Another fun thing to notice is the dislikes on an educational Youtube video. Check out this video on doing a VLOOKUP in excel. 2.6mm views… 319 ppl took the time to give it a thumbs down… You are kidding me.

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