McGregor said that “experience beat [him]…” in ‘Super Fight’


I sat in a dark basement with 30 or more people, 80% of which I had no idea who they were. The level of boxing acumen ranged from a eight year old to a member of the Utah boxing commission. I admittedly was nervous, especially after beingvery vocal on how I saw this fight going and giving McGregor zero chance of winning. Mayweather is a scum bag, so rooting him was tough, but I wanted the sport of boxing to take advantage of this platform and show the world it was still an exciting and technical sport.

I held my breath as the first four rounds unfolded. Mayweather prodding forward over and over without throwing a punch. The commentators losing their mind with every landed punch McGregor had and their surprise at Mayweather’s lack of activity. Mayweather threw 26 punches in the first three rounds. I honestly didn’t know what to think or say. McGregor impressed me, in the same way that an athletic wrestler plays pickup basketball with a varsity squad. Pulling down rebounds, grabbing some steals, etc. He was not a boxer.


I took inventory of what I saw. Mayweather was down in points, sure, but McGregor was throwing everything he had a Mayweather. He hit him with a solid uppercut and Mayweather was never in danger. Prior to the fight, many boxing commentators stated that when Mayweather agreed to go to 8 oz. gloves, they knew Mayweather wasn’t afraid of McGregor’s power. And here was Mayweather proving it, pushing the action, instigating the fight. If McGregor had the power he had every opportunity to put Mayweather on his back.

McGregor was gassed starting in the 6th round; he is known to have poor stamina. His defense went from throwing punches to literally leaving his hands at his side, asking to be hit in the face. I knew it was over then. Mayweather put together a nice string of rounds and finished him in the 10th. The ref called it a little early, but McGregor was not defending himself and was out on his feet. A ref must protect the fighters. Regardless if it went the full 12, Mayweather was up on the cards and would have won. Why Mayweather allowed him to stick around that long is beyond me, but he did.

At the end of the day everyone won. Mayweather did what he was supposed to do and predicited. McGregor held his own for the most part, but he was never in control of the fight, but he didn’t get embarrassed. The fans won as well. It was, despite being a sloppy fight, an entertaining one, but it also left the door open for a possible rematch.

Like I said, McGregor, experience matters.

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