“Bailed Out”

Somehow this video came across my youtube searching. Maybe I was looking for it. You know those moods where you are looking for a fight. The head line of it caught me – NBA Players Bailed Out In The Clutch. Hooked. I fell right in cause I knew it was a lie. The premise of this lie is that the greats shouldn’t miss. They should hit the game winning shot. Its a total farce.

Admittedly, the video shows a lot of regular season, not a lot of really note worthy end of games. However, at the very end the above video, it shows the highlight of Ray Allen tying the game against San Antonio in the 2013 finals. It was a huge shot. The Spurs could have won the series. This was not a bail out shot… and really there is no such thing as a bailout shot… here is why:

  • Last I checked, basketball was a team sport. Sure, you need a superstar to win, but there are four other guys on the court that have to contribute. To say Ray Allen bailed LeBron or The Heat is really just saying, he did his job. I can stop right there and that suffices it.
  • A bailout is when LeBron is careening out of control to the hoop and the ref calls a foul.
  • Ray Allen was known as a knock down three point shooter. This was not a new phenomena. (As of right now, he has the most 3’s ever made in a career and shot 40% beyond the arc).
  • A reasonable comparison is Robert Horry, who benefited greatly over his career by playing on really good teams, and shot some big shots. Are all of his shots a bailout? Of course not!
  • Usually the easiest shot from 3 is after a miss.
  • I guess Bosh bailed them out to because he got the offensive board!

After what the highlight over 20 times, here is what I found interesting:

  1. Kawahi missed a free throw to ice the game…
  2. LeBron did have a good look. He had plenty of room.
  3. LeBron called for the basketball back after he missed – he wanted another shot – and so did Mario Chalmers. Hilarious to see them both with their hands reaching for the heavens. Imagine Ray Allen skipping the ball ACROSS court from the CORNER to Mario.
  4. Tony Parker defended both shots.
  5. SOMEONE put a body on Bosh! Looking at you Kawahi!
  6. The refs stopping the game to review the 3 was lame. I get that its a big moment, but c’mon.

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