Who is better? Kawhi v LeBron

Seems like every talking head is arguing this one lately. And yeah, I want in on it. Yes, I am a fan of LeBron. I am an apologist. Haters of LeBron are fools. We can talk about China another time.

  1. Would you rather have Kawhi’s or LeBron’s career as of today?
    • If you take Kawhi’s career, then you are simply ignoring every metric, earnings, and influence of LBJ. Don’t give me the, “But I would just want to hoop.” SHUT YOUR MOUTH. LeBron’s career you dummy. Top 5 player of all time. STOP IT.
    • Check out the photo to the left. As an individual player, Kawhi has ZERO chance of matching him. Go ahead a shake your fists at LBJ for not having more rings. HE MADE EIGHT STRAIGHT FINALS! What have you done eight straight times? If you’re shrugging it off, then you don’t know history. That is an incredible feat. Players who have made it five times or more played most of their career when there wasn’t a three point line and were most likely a Celtic, riding on the coat tails of Bill Russell; or in the case of James Jones, who did seven in a row, his wagon was hitched to LeBron. R U KIDDING ME?! EIGHT STRAIGHT FINALS. *but he didn’t win that many* Pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow. Treasure this man, LeBron James, basketball god. He is a history setter. Record breaker. Please do not waste your negative energy on your pointless crusade to not realize how great he is. He is a gift to the sport. Take a moment and consider the historical impact he has had on the game….. who else were we talking about? Kawhi? Sorry. He is forgettable.
    • What? Canada? Toronto? Sure. That is cool. But… its a nice story. Drake gets as much credit as Kawhi. Dude even got a ring. So…. When LBJ brought a championship back to Cleveland, whilst coming back from a 3-1 deficit…. Boot that Canadian story homie.
    • LeBron is making Space Jam 2. He is the one starring in it. Not Kawhi. C’mon man! Grow up. I CAN BELIVE I CAN FLY! You don’t want that? You want some lame Terminator commercial (actually that was hilarious).
    • SAFE to say, LeBron has this WRAPPED UP.
  2. Of important note – LeBron seems like a cool dad… oh yeah, he is a dad. Pretty cool. Kawhi is also a father. Just not as in the limelight. Dads are dope! = TIE!
  3. LeBron also built the “I Promise” school and continues to support it — Kawhi also does charity work as well and its largely under the radar. = Nice job guys!
  4. Would you rather hang out with Kawhi or LeBron?
    • Again, are you kidding me. Who are you more likely to even have a conversation with and potentially a good time. LEBRON JAMES. Kawhi is boring as studying for a preposition quiz.
    • Kawhi is boring.
    • Kawhi wears New Balance.
    • Kawhi is sponsored by New Balance.
    • Kawhi has a weird laugh. Very weird.
  5. Who is better at basketball this year? I mean, this is why we are talking about it! Who is the best at basketball, right now. RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT NOWWW.
    • WOW. Now we gotta do some stats. Cause, both of them have started out pretty darn well.
    • Per Basketball Reference’s Player Comparison of the 2019-2020 season:
      • PTS | RBS | AST | STL | TO –> Pretty comparable
      • LeBron: 26.0 | 7.8 | 10.5 | 1.4 | 3.8
      • Kawhi: 29.0 | 6.7 | 5.4 | 2.1 | 3.4
    • OKAY… let’s get some deeper analytics. Not selling me enough on either or yet. Let’s look at per 100 possessions stats, Win Share, Usage, and VORP
      • Per 100 possessions PTS | RBS | AST | STL | TO
      • LeBron: 35.3 | 10.5 | 14.2 | 1.9 | 5.1
      • Kawhi: 44.0 | 12.4 | 8.2 | 3.3 | 5.2
      • Win Share | Usage | VORP –> Become more meaningful as the season goes on
      • LeBron: 1.7 | 31.6 | 0.9
      • Kawhi: 1.1 | 39.5 | 0.7
    • Hmmm. I guess I would give a slight edge to Kawhi, but LeBron isn’t far off. Its a tight race….Cause as I was finishing writing the sentence before this sentence, I was like, “Dude…. if I just looked at the numbers… who would I take? I am kinda leaning towards LeBron..” TIE! I can convince myself of taking either player. LeBron’s assists pop out to me, while Kawhi’s points and usage stick out.

Time will tell. I honestly cannot believe how good LeBron looks for his 17th season. With all the talk of load management, perhaps LBJ should consider it. I actually don’t think he is human. He is a cyborg. No serious injuries in 17 years? He’s played so much basketball. The finals. The Olympics. ETC. Again, it’s early. I am excited to see how this season plays out.

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