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Giannis and being an MVP

Let’s talk about that early exit Giannis (the 2019 and presumptive 2020 MVP) had in this year’s playoffs. It hurt me deeply as I am on record (which means a heck of a lot) that Giannis is the future of the NBA and could be one of the all time greats. Show me someone that hasn’t been wrong about something sports related and I will show you a fence rider. Hot takes is part of talking sports. Giannis was/is mine (and I really hope he figures out how to shoot and truly become unstoppable cause he is a 7’0″ majestic hooper).

Anyway, Giannis (who is also the 2020 Defensive MVP) and the Bucks exit is a massive disappointment. The Ringer ranked this the 8th biggest upset in playoff history. Sure. #1 seed, losing 4-1, big upset. Part of the reason it is such an surprise is the stock we have placed in Giannis and the MVP award, which is warranted.

In the last 15 years MVPs have reached the conference finals or better 80% of the time. Only three regular season MVPs have lost in the first or second round.

  • Nash in 2006
  • Dirk in 2007
  • LeBron in 2010

Here is the other thing to realize, the MVP award doesn’t really translate to winning the Finals; just three MVPs have won.

  • LeBron 2012
  • LeBron 2013
  • Curry 2015

And if you are curious, there has only been two times when the MVP was also the Finals MVP.

  • LeBron 2012
  • LeBron 2013

So yeah, “The Alphabet” losing in the second round not a good look for the MVP, but also winning that award doesn’t mean much for winning the Finals.

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