King Ry v The Tank

Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs), aka “King Ry”, who I’ve written about before, has begun his promotional trash talk campaign. Boxers are showman and self promoters and Garcia plays the part perfectly. Wearing a bowtie and tuxedo shirt on Mike Tyson podcast, “HotBoxin”, Garcia was discussing his recent TKO of Luke Campbell. He had just finished telling Tyson and Jeremy Piven that anyone who steps into the ring with him will go down, when suddenly Gervonta Davis (24-0, 23 KOs) FaceTimes in. Tyson, the ever animated fighter, loves this serendipitous call and turns the phone immediately around to face Garcia.

If you have ever talked trash before, you will recognize what is happening with Garcia. His mind is working faster than his mouth will allow as he launches into his verbal assault. He tells Davis he will knock him out in just 2 rounds; that he is too short and small to fight him – that he will need a “ladder” and a “StairMaster” (he comes back to this again… sick burn?) to reach him; the knock will “not hurt” as he will “put him to sleep” (very nice and thoughtful); and that Davis is “too ugly to be champion” (I now want to rank all of the champions based on looks). Davis can barely get a word in as he has been overwhelmed with the barrage of words. Not too surprising as Davis is not brash like Garcia. However, everyone is thrilled this happened on the podcast.

The below video contains explicit language.

This was a perfect set up for all parties involved. Tyson is a household name and continues provides exposure to a sport that always need a boost. Garcia, who has vocalized his frustrations with being held back by his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya, is once again forcing the hand. He has also come off a solid TKO that boosts his soft resume. And Davis showed his prowess in willing to play the part of instigator and then allowing Garcia to run his mouth. There is little doubt in my mind that it wasn’t planned. Davis suddenly calls Tyson as he is doing his podcast with Garcia? All the while, there are at least 11 cameras filming this unfolding.

The lightweight division is stacked… Stay tuned…

Full Highlights of Garcia v Campbell

Here is a video on Davis

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